What Can Companies Do To Improve Their Cyber Security?

What Can Companies Do To Improve Their Cyber Security?
With the world becoming ever more reliant on digital services, cybersecurity for companies is more important than ever. Cyber risks can lead to unauthorised access to your company’s system, network or private data. This can impact your operations, revenue and company reputation. Luckily, there are many steps you can take to improve your company’s cybersecurity.

Educate Employees

One of the easiest steps you can take to protect your company from cyberattacks is to implement thorough training for employees and anyone who has access to your company network. Cyber attacks use many different methods to try to gain unauthorised access – one of which is to try to target employees through social engineering or phishing attacks. By carrying out comprehensive and regular cybersecurity awareness training programs and phishing simulation exercises, you can help cybersecurity become second nature for all employees and reduce the risk of weak links throughout the organisation.

Regularly Update and Patch Systems

Patches are software updates which address security vulnerabilities within a software product or programme. These software updates fix performance bugs, respond fast to known exploits and enhance security, making them crucial for keeping your cybersecurity as up to date as possible. When new patches are released, they are easily identifiable by attackers and can be quickly exploited by malware so proper and fast prompt patching is crucial for keeping your system safe. Make sure that all automated patch management is up to date and avoid any outdated software that may leave your company exposed to risk.

Implement Strong Access Controls

Access control is a method to secure data which enables organisations to manage authorisations to systems and data. It is crucial for companies to keep track of who has access to the organisation’s information and to implement strong access controls such as complex passwords, frequently changed passwords and multi-factor authentication.

Employ Advanced Security Measures

Investing time and money into implementing advanced security measures can save your company a great deal of stress in the future. Proper use of firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems and endpoint security solutions can keep your company’s cybersecurity water-tight. Using encryption for your data is also crucial for protecting the online activities of your users. Encryption scrambles data so that anyone who tries to see it will only see random information.

Regular Security Audits and Assessments

Carrying our regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing is crucial for protecting your company against emerging threats. These tests identify vulnerabilities in your system and allow you to take action before attackers are able to exploit them. Working with a third-party company to audit your cybersecurity and carry out these tests is crucial for remaining objective and identifying weaknesses that an internal party may not detect. These companies can approach your systems from the perspective of an attacker – with no prior information – to assess the strength of your security posture. Continuous monitoring is essential for keeping up with ever-evolving cyber threats and adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity for your business.

Develop and Enforce Security Policies

Make cybersecurity a company priority by having comprehensive cybersecurity policies in place. These should be regularly reviewed and updated in line with compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Incident Response Planning

While you should take every step to protect against cyberattacks, accidents sometimes happen. Your company should have a well-defined incident response plan in place with steps outlined to be taken in case of a security breach. This incident response plan should be regularly tested and updated to maintain relevance.

Invest in Cybersecurity Solutions

Investing in cybersecurity solutions will save your company a great deal of hassle in the future and is an essential long-term investment; however, it is also crucial to choose the appropriate cybersecurity tols and solutions for your business. Take the time to weigh up the cost and effectiveness of different cybersecurity solutions and explore the options that will offer the most comprehensive protection to cover all of your business’s operations.

Closing Thoughts

With attacks constantly changing and evolving, cybersecurity efforts should be ongoing to protect from ongoing threats. Investing time, resources and money in your cybersecurity posture is crucial for safeguarding your company’s data and maintaining company reputation.