Incident Response

When a cyber incident strikes, we can help you respond efficiently to minimise impact and go back to business as usual.

    Rapid response to a cyber incident is crucial minimises the cost and the impact of the event – keeping your business operations running smoothly.

    Our accredited and professional team of incident responders can help your organisation proactively detect and fight attacks before hackers can successfully achieve their goal. We work alongside your security team, giving them the tools, guidance and resources needed for proactive remote response – whatever the attack..

    What do Rosca Technologies Incident Response Services Offer?

    Prepared Team

    We make sure your staff is ready to respond to any incident, giving them the tools needed to act fast and mitigate impact.

    Better Defences

    We’ll get you prepared and protected, developing and evaluating contingency plans for minimal disruption in the face of an incident.

    Detect Threats

    Complement reactive response with proactive threat detection to take early protective action and mitigate damage.

    Instant Response

    We’re ready to remotely engage incident responders to intercept, manage, and remove threats to your network.

    What Incident Response Solutions Do We Offer?

    We offer a range of different solutions which we always customise to suit your specific needs. Here are just some of the incident response solutions we offer:

    Proactive Threat Detection

    We carry out regular scans to detect potential threats before they can escalate and impact your business. These frequent scans go beyond standard monitoring to provide ongoing visibility across your network, detecting and reacting to threats as soon as they appear.

    Rapid Incident Response

    With our remote incident management and response service, available on-demand, we aim to reduce the impact a cyber incident has on your operations – both financially and operationally.

    We guarantee high-priority support within one hour, tackling live threats and covering all areas of the network with skilled incident responders to help you intercept, manage and mitigate breaches as soon as possible.

    Network Breach Evaluation

    Cyber threats often lie dormant within networks for extended periods before launching full-scale attacks. Our comprehensive network sweep uses advanced techniques to detect potential compromises and evaluate system-level data and memory dumps remotely. Informed by up-to-date threat intelligence, this assessment offers reassurance of network integrity so that your organisation can enjoy peace of mind.

    On-Demand Ad-Hoc Response

    For organisations without ongoing support in place, we can offer immediate assistance during cyber incidents, guiding you through every phase—from initial attempt to containment and removal. We offer fully remote response services or  on-site incident management as needed, in addition to post-incident remediation and recovery report to guarantee a safe return to normal operations.

    Cyber Crisis Drill Exercises

    In these exercises, we simulate an environment for employees to practice the role they play in managing, responding to and controlling cyber incidents. We then offer feedback about your team’s readiness to handle different cyber incident scenarios, exploring constructive ways to improve people, processes and technologies. Here, we can identify gaps in your defences and collaboratively strengthen response strategies.]


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    What is incident response?

    Incident response refers to the process of identifying, managing, and resolving security incidents proactively to mitigate their impact on an organisation’s operations and, in turn, their reputation.

    Why is incident response crucial for businesses?

    Having incident response procedures in place is crucial for businesses because it helps them detect and respond to cyber threats effectively, allowing them to act proactively to reduce the risk of data breaches, financial losses, and damage to brand reputation.

    What does incident response involve?

    The key aspects of incident response include preparation, threat detection and analysis, containment of incident, eradication of threat, recovery, and post-incident analysis.

    How does incident response help minimise the impact of attacks?

    The idea of incident response is to act fast to minimise the impact of cyber attacks and recover normal business operations as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.

    How quickly should organisations respond to cyber incidents?

    Organisations should always try and respond to cyber incidents as soon as possible – ideally within minutes or hours of detecting the incidents – to minimise the impact of the attack as much as possible.

    What is the difference between on-demand incident response and having a retainer?

    Retainers provide proactive support which is ready to go at any time. It has dedicated resources continuously on standby so that it can respond as soon as an incident occurs. On-demand incident response, on the other hand, is reactive. It provides ad-hoc support to organisations in the event of a security incident.

    Why is incident response needed as part of a cybersecurity strategy?

    Incident response makes up a key component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy because it prepares organisations to always be prepared in the event of cyber threat to take action before any impact is made on the business operations.

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