Maximise your conversions for your eCommerce store.

Why do I need data optimisation for my eCommerce business?


Make note of the most frequently searched terms

Monitor terms people are searching for on your website in real time. These popular searches will give you insights such as:
  • New items that your customers are looking for
  • The seasonality of your products
  • How well your products are performing

This data can be extremely important when you are restocking, and can help you in making vital decisions.


Track your weakest searches

Data optimisation can help you to identify search queries that have poor results and a click-through rate of 0.

This can happen when customers search for products you don’t offer, or when they search for products you do offer using terms you have not used.

Sometimes a customer can use a slightly different search term to an item description that you stock, but still end up on the 0-results page. Use data insights to learn what these terms are and update your product pages accordingly.

If you notice that visitors are frequently searching for the same products that you do not carry, this insight can be used to improve your stock and increase sales.


Predict trends and demand

eCommerce is dynamic, and you want to track trends in real time. With data insights and optimisation, you can prepare for emerging trends with enough time to catch the biggest waves.

By evaluating datasets from previous years and seasons, you can stock your inventory accordingly. You can anticipate peak periods and forecast demand. This also means scheduling sales and markdowns at the best times to shift excess product.