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With our personalised approach, we’re revolutionising adversarial simulations to go beyond the limited, short-term scope of traditional consultancy exercises. We go the extra mile to deliver in-depth insights into your people, processes and technologies, enabling you to assess your system’s defences against real-world cyber attacks.

    Why Choose Rosca Technologies?

    We stand out from the crowd.

    At Rosca, we offer you an authentic, realistic and highly practical methodology. Our adversarial attack simulation merges technical expertise with a consultative, personalised approach to perfectly match your company’s needs. 

    We go beyond traditional practice and industry-standard methods to create an innovative delivery model designed to address specific client challenges.

    Our flexible delivery model adapts to your requirements to get you the precise information and outcomes that you seek.

    What is an Adversarial Simulation?

    Cyber Adversarial Simulation exercises, commonly referred to as ‘Red Team’ assessments, aim to gauge an organisation’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks by simulating realistic end-to-end attack scenarios from an external attacker’s perspective.

    These exercises comprehensively evaluate all aspects of the organisation, including its people, processes, and technology, to identify potential areas for exploitation by malicious actors.

    By replicating the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of advanced threat actors, these simulations provide a covert and realistic assessment of the organisation’s resilience against targeted attacks.

    What Outcomes Does An Adversarial Attack Simulation Provide?

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    • – Real-life information – we test and exercise your teams in a realistic live environment to accurately evaluate strengths and weaknesses and validate capability effectiveness
    • – Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement – we highlight capability and control gaps across your organisation’s people, processes and technology to fortify cyber resilience.
    • – Improve your security posture – we help you achieve your desired outcomes and gather evidence to evolve and improve your security operations.
    • – Demonstrate risk reduction – we explore the potential impact of an attack on your business by communicating risk exposure and the value of investment.

    Types Of Adversarial Attack Simulation

    At Rosca Technologies, we always offer our clients a custom solution to meet their unique company challenges. As such, the techniques and technologies we use vary from client to client but include some of the following:

    Red Teaming

    With red teaming, we start from zero – conducting a goal-orientated covert engagement with no prior knowledge of your organisation.

    This is the most realistic simulation of  real-world attacks to test your organisation’s defences and improve its threat detection and response capabilities.

    Purple Teaming

    Through collaboration and real-world attack simulation, purple teaming offers the highest level of assurance for your critical digital assets.

    Purple team helps your security team think like an attacker (a red team) and strengthen your internal defence system (the blue team) to improve overall security effectiveness and mitigate cyberthreats.

    Custom Adversarial Simulation

    Our team of dedicated cyber experts is committed to offering customised solutions to address the specific needs of our clients.

    From comprehensive risk assessment and detecting threats often missed by traditional scanning to offering ongoing proactive threat detection and attack path validation, we have the solution for you.

    EDR/ MDR Assessment

    At Rosca Technologies, we evaluate EDR/MDR services to assess their accuracy, effectiveness and quality, helping clients find the right service to purchase.


    What do Red Team exercises usually involve?

    Typical ‘Red Team’ attack simulation exercises are:

    • – Goals-led – intended to verify if attackers can execute cyber attacks most relevant to the business.
    • – Adversarial and covert – usually conducted as a covert, black-bos assessment from the perspective of an external attacker with no prior information.
    • – Threat-led – uses methodologies employed by sophisticated, targeted threat actors.
    • – Highly realistic and practical – these exercises simulate real-world attacks to evaluate the organisation’s security system in the face of genuine attack scenarios.

    What tools and technologies are used in Attack Surface Management?

    Rosca Technologies’ Red Team exercises are designed to access the systems and data most likely to be targeted by real-world working to specific goals based on the organisation’s threat profile:

    We simulate comprehensive attacks with various goals including:

    • – Accessing and extracting sensitive customer data for financial exploitation, GDPR non-compliance threats, or damage to organisational integrity.
    • – Manipulating critical systems to disrupt or disable organisational operations.
    • – Stealing valuable intellectual property to compromise the organisation’s market position.
    • – Executing fraudulent financial transactions for criminal profit.

    Should our organisation undertake an attack simulation?

    Yes,  attack simulations will help your organisation understand cyber risk exposure by simulating attacker actions with potential critical impact. Exercises such as Red Teaming will thoroughly evaluate your vulnerability to cyber-attacks, providing answers about potential attacker achievements, business impacts, control effectiveness, and risk mitigation.

    Who is Red Teaming for?

    Red Teaming is ideal for organisations with strong security measures and confidence in their detection capabilities, to put their security teams to the test. As RedTeaming focuses on the attacker’s ability to cause harm rather than preventing it, it is best suited for organisations with established security baselines in place. Those without existing security measures may benefit from less realistic simulations to drive capability improvements before engaging in Red Teaming.

    What will your organisation gain from Red Teaming?

    Red Team exercises offer:

    • – Cyber resilience stress-testing against real-world attack tactics
    • – Validation of security investments by assessing control effectiveness
    • – Increased cyber-readiness through people, tooling, and process exercises
    • – Identification of future capability development areas for informed investment decisions
    • – Risk exposure assessment and communication in clear business terms
    • – Demonstration of the business impact of cyber attacks

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